Hey Inglese or whatever country you might come from
We have no idea why you don't go to heartland, but you're welcome here anyway.
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Hey Inglese or whatever country you might come from

Postby Miranda » Fri 25. Nov 2011, 18:18

This is the Poison Door Forum's English speaking section. You're welcome to join us and introduce yourself here in English, if your German should not be the way you might think appropriate.

And to start with:
Willkommen, Husek - und Danke für dein freundliches Angebot alle unsere Fragen zu beantworten ...

Or in English:
Welcome, Husek - and thanks for your kind offer to answer all our questions ...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to come to Sao Paulo or elsewhere that far away in 2012.
But there are others here who might be happy to receive your advice ... :D ...
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Re: Hey Inglese or whatever country you might come from

Postby husek » Fri 25. Nov 2011, 19:05

Thank you, Miranda.

Well, i've heard at São Paulo thread that some people it's interested to see the Brazilian Gigs.
I'm open to any question about São Paulo Transports, Hotels, Bars, Shoppings and stuff.

A Tip to the European Travellers: When you buy a ticket to São Paulo ask for a ticket to 'Congonhas Airport' AkA CGH (IATA: CGH)/ (ICAO: SBSP).
It's in the South-Zone (Same zone of Via Funchal...ah São Paulo it's splitted in zones mind that), and you can take a cab to a hotel without spent a lot of money.
Cabs aren't cheap in São Paulo, and the other aiport (Guarulhos Airport GRU) it's distant as hell from the South-Zone(33~~37KMS), resuming: if you take a flight to Guarulhos, you'll spent all your precious money with a unecessary ride :D.

Now, if you take a flight to Cononhas, it's only 6~~8Kms from Via Funchal, so the cab 'll get cheaper, or you can take two busses.
There's no metro realy near to Via Funchal, just a Train and a lot of busses, so if a Travel Agent offer you a expensive hotel room just because it's near to the Metro, just say no and ask something near to the following places: Morumbi Shopping, Brooklin Paulista, Berrini(aka Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini), JK(aka Juscelino Kubitchek), Vila Olimpia, Funchal Street, and maybe Pinheiros. (these are expensive places to get near, but it is secure, easy to take a bus (or even go walking) to Via Funchal, and you can find some English-Speakers easily).

It's all i remember right now.

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